Sunday, 15 July 2007

Research - Data Logger

Data Logger
A data logger (or datalogger) is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Increasingly, but not entirely, they are based on a digital processor (or computer). They generally are small, battery powered and portable. Dataloggers vary between general purpose types for a range of measurement applicatio ns to very specific devices for measuring in one environment only. It is common for general purpose types to be programmable however many remain as static machines with only a limited number of changeable parameters. Electronic dataloggers have replaced chart records in many applications. []

* 8 signal-conditioned analog inputs
* Program software to write in and read from SD card
* Software programmer - Java & Assembler

Rough plan
3 weeks on research and literature review
3 weeks on software coding to write to SD card
4 weeks on software hardware data logger
4 weeks on brushing up written thesis

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Mask said...

hi, I am working on a project like yours. If it's possilble, Please attach your project file here or somewhere to download... Thanks...