Thursday, 27 September 2007


24-28 Sept
  • Integrated ADC
  • Written thesis on ADC
  • More research on card interface
  • SD Card Interface

( Problem: The SD Card Interface is 10Kb, but CC5x Compiler allows only up to 4Kb. )

1 - 5 Oct (Expected to..)

  • Finish up with coding
  • Board testing
  • Start thinking about hardware implementation
  • Written thesis!!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Analogue to Digital Converter

10 Sept - 14 Sept
  • Experiment ADC with assembler MPLAB via LED simulation
  • Improvement on assembly language skills
  • Move to CC5X C language compiler - implement to support with MPLAB program

17 Sept - 21 Sept

  • CC5X compiler - solved implementing CC5X to MPLAB assembly (Monday)
  • Multimedia Card (MMC) Card Interface
  • Combine MMC and ADC Interface


  1. Support MPLAB to implement CC5X
  2. CC5X compiles C code to ASM code. However, CC5X has the limitation of not compiling code more than 4KB


24 Sept - 28 Sept (Expected to do)

  • Combine MMC and ADC Interface
  • SD Card Interface
  • Combine SD Card and ADC Interface

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Assembly Language

Problem : No basic on assembly language
Solution :
Self Tutorials from the internet. (Still finding myself lost)
28 August 2007 - Tutorial on assembly with Gaetano (Understood basic assembly)

Week of 29 Aug - 4 Sept
Practical tutorial on assembly language on flashing LED with PIC16F877A hardware implementation.

Pin Address

Hardware on PIC16F877

Week of 3 Sept - 7 Sept

Implement assembly coding for project on PIC16F877

Presentation on Progress

Presentation on progress was held on the 10 & 17 of August 2007 with the rest of other projects related to Electrophysiology.

Progress overview are as below: